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If you are a legal gun owner, there are certain steps you must take in order to legally transfer your gun ownership to the person of your choosing.  One common way to accomplish this is by setting up a gun trust.  A properly organized Gun Trust is an entity that will hold the title to all of your guns.  In this trust, you can name multiple trustees who will have the right to possess and use the firearms. 

First and foremost, all states have different gun laws.  The trust must comply with the federal gun law as well as the state gun law for the state where the grantor of the trust resides.  If the trust does not comply with both federal and state law, it can be deemed invalid.  Prohibited persons under federal gun law include unlawful users of a controlled substance and people convicted of serious crimes.  So you need to know personal history of the person, or people, who you plan to name in the trust.

If you are a legal gun owner, you know the importance of gun safety.  The passing of the ownership of your guns is just as important as how you use them.

If you have any questions about setting up a Gun Trust or completing your estate plan, contact us at your earliest convenience.