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Recently, an attorney and freelance writer for realtor.com interviewed me. He asked many questions regarding what a homebuyer can do, if after they purchase a house, they find a major problem that was not disclosed by the seller. The title of the article is So there is a problem with your new home – what can you do? Written by Warren Christopher Freiberg.

The issue presented was that a couple moved into their new home and found out it had major roof leakage issues. They did all the right things with getting a professional inspection but the problem was something that appeared to have been covered up and not disclosed by the sellers.

The fact of the matter is, showing that the prior owner hid a defect is often easier said than done. In order to have any recourse, you have to prove that the seller knew about the problem and did not disclose it.

The bottom line is that getting recourse from the seller can be an expensive legal battle that you may not win, and regardless of the legal complications the new owner also has to pay the fix the undisclosed problem in the meantime. It is a tough decision.

Please read the full article at realtor.com.