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When clients come to me for Estate Planning, one of their biggest concerns is what is it going to cost? Most attorneys will be very vague about their billing processes and one of the more popular complaints from clients is when they get their bill and they are shocked by the total amount due. Here, we are committed to providing our clients with excellent service and benefits. One of our benefits that distinguish us from other law firms in the area, is our base rate billing.

After we meet and have our initial consultation, I will tell you the total cost of what your estate plan will cost to be completed.  My clients love that there will be no surprises when the monthly bill comes. For the last two years since I have started this policy, my clients have loved this practice. When it comes to billing, nobody likes surprises.

What goes into the price quote?

  • Two meetings
    • One initial consultation
    • One meeting for explanation of all documents and document signing
    • A third party witness and notary will be provided
  • All telephone calls
  • All email communications
  • Any research needed
  • All original signed copies of documents
    • Plus all documents will be emailed to you in electronic PDF form

Along with time involved and materials, you have to think about the real value value that you are getting from a properly executed Illinois estate plan. There is no point to pay money and draft an estate plan if it is not properly executed with the right witnesses, notarized signatures, and all necessary forms. I have seen and fixed many errors over the years and what is the point of doing it if it is not done right?

Please contact me today if you are interested to learn how much it will cost you to have your estate plan completed.