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Being a small business owner myself, I truly understand the ups and downs of owning your own business. There are tough questions that need to be answered every day.   Some of the big long-term questions are: Who will take over the business when I retire? Should I keep it in the family? Can I sell my business? What happens when I die and will my family get any value out of the business without me there to run it?


If you are a small business owner and have similar questions that you want help answering, let’s sit down together and figure out the answers to these tough questions. I have set up many small business succession plans and it is not something to take lightly or wait too long to do. If the proper paperwork is not completed, your family might lose out on the value of your business.


Contact me today to make sure your family benefits the most from your succession plan and the right person takes the reigns to lead your business into the future.