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If you are selling real estate (residential or commercial), you have a lot going on. Not only do you have to deal with your regular life stressors but add in packing, moving, dealing with inspection issues, etc. it can become overwhelming. We understand it is not an easy situation. The attendance of the seller at a real estate closing is not always required. One thing, if you choose, that we can help you with, is to free up your time so you do not have to attend the real estate closing.

The seller’s presence at the closing allows them to sign the necessary documents to transfer ownership of the property to the buyer. However, for most of the real estate transaction sales that we handle at my office, we are able to arrange it so the seller does not have to attend the scheduled closing. This is a huge benefit for my clients because they don’t have to take off from work (as all closings are during the work week) and they can focus on moving on to the next step of their life.

To make it so you do not have to attend the closing, we will draft all the sale documents ahead of time and then schedule a covenant time with you to come in and pre-sign your documents. Additionally, you must give me power of attorney for the property to sign the closing statement along with a few other title documents at the closing if the need arises. The power of attorney also gives me the authority to make any last-minute decisions regarding the sale that may be necessary. The only thing necessary for this is that we can contact you by phone or email to discuss the last-minute changes that arise.

What about if you are buying a house and don’t want to attend the closing? Well, that depends. For most of the transactions we handle, we do encourage the buyer to come to the closing to sign all of the documents in person. If it is an all-cash deal we can handle the closing with a power of attorney. However, if you must take out a loan to purchase the property you will need to attend the closing to sign the loan documents. That is something I will not sign on your behalf and most loans will not allow it either.

Buying or selling real estate might be the biggest transaction of your life. We are proud to be one of the top real estate law firms in the Chicagoland area. We focus on real estate and would love to represent you at your closing. Buying or selling, real estate agent or not.

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