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For most of the real estate transaction sales that I handle, I am able to arrange it so that the client does not have to show up at the closing. This is a huge benefit for my clients because they don’t have to take off from work and they can focus on getting out of their old home and into the new one.


The process for not attending the sale closing is that I draft all the sale documents ahead of time, the client comes to my office some time prior to the closing to pre-sign the documents. Additionally, the client also must give me power of attorney to sign the closing statement along with a few other title documents at the closing. The power of attorney also gives me the authority to make any last minute decisions regarding the sale that may be necessary.


What about if you are buying a house and don’t want to attend the closing? Well, that depends. If it is an all cash deal I can easily handle the closing with a power of attorney. However, if you have to take out a loan to purchase the property you will need to attend the closing to sign the loan documents. That is something I will not sign on your behalf.


I have been handling real estate transactions for over a decade. Whatever your situation we can find a solution together. Just give me a call.