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If you have a trust set-up or are thinking about having one drafted, a common question is what should I put into a trust? Obviously, every situation is different, however, the following list is a good starting point:


Common Assets Requiring Title be Transferred to Your Trust


  1. Real Estate – Quit Claim Deed Must be Prepared & Recorded
  2. Private Investment Accounts, Stocks, & Bonds – Title Must be Changed
  3. Bank/Savings Accounts (Safe deposit boxes) – Title Must be Changed
  4. Life Insurance – Beneficiary Designation Must be Changed
  5. Corporate Ownership Interests – Stock Holder Must be Changed
  6. LLC Ownership Interests – Member/Manager Must be Changed
  7. Notes Payable (money owed to you) – Grantee Must be Changed
  8. Copyrights
  9. Household furnishings / Jewelry


I have been drafting trusts for over ten years and if you need any help drafting or transferring your assets into a trust we should meet. I promise you will not be disappointed: We are a law firm that serves you financially, personally, and professionally.