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Did you know that Illinois gives you an easy way to transfer your real estate while keeping it out of probate without having to transfer it into a trust? It is called a transfer on death instrument or TODI. Once you decide who you want to have the property, I can help you fill out the document, get it recorded with the appropriate county, and upon your death the real estate will transfer to the party or parties named in the document without having to go through a long probate process.


Keep in mind this document is revocable and you can change your mind at any time. You can always change the names of the people who will get the property and it has no effect on the property until after your death so you can sell or mortgage the property in the meantime. You can also name multiple people to split the ownership of the property after your death.


What’s it worth to have piece of mind for your family?  Please contact me today for help in completing your estate plan.