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A revocable living trust is a document that I can put together based on how you want to leave your estate. It is called a revocable living trust because you make the document when you are alive, you put your assets into it while you are alive and it can distribute your estate while you are alive, however it can be changed at any time with an amendment.


The up front cost of making a revocable living trust is more than a traditional will, but the benefits far outweigh the added expense.   My clients who do choose this document usually do so because it protects their assets and heirs from the expense and delay of the probate process.  It is also very beneficial in protecting the interests of young children.


Although a trust is a great estate planning tool, I do not recommend a revocable living trust to every single client that comes to my office. For some, it is not worth the expense and time it takes to transfer assets into the trust. That is one reason it is so hard to quote fees over the telephone. I really need to sit down with you and have a one on one interview to figure out the best course of action. EVERY estate plan that I write is different.  That is the most important reason why I would not recommend a service like LegalZoom where you can not get your documents tailored to your specific needs.


Please let me know if you have any questions  regarding a living trust or are interested in sitting down and talking about your estate plan.