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If you are trying to find out if a probate case has been opened for a deceased individual, there are a few steps you can take to find out that information.  If a probate estate has been opened, it will be with the county court for the county where the deceased party was residing when he or she died.  Here is a link for helpful websites if you are doing the research on your own. https://laurenjacksonlaw.com/legalresources/

Court records are now online so you should be able to go to the circuit clerk of the court website for the particular county where you think the probate case should be open and do a name search to see if there is an open probate case for the deceased individual. 

If you cannot find an open probate case for the person, and you want or need to open a probate as a creditor of the deceased person’s estate, then you would need to contact a probate attorney who handles probate work, as there are very specific forms and procedures that must be followed.  If you attempt to open a probate case and do not follow the proper procedure, the clerk’s office will not open the case, or if you can get it open, the probate court judge will likely dismiss the case for failure to provide all the statutorily required documents. 

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