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Real Estate Short Sale Legal Services

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What is a Real Estate Short Sale?

In a short sale, the lender (the bank to which you pay your mortgage) agrees to allow you to sell the property for less than what you owe on the loan and to accept the proceeds in exchange for releasing the mortgage lien.  A short sale is an option when you have a impending foreclosure.  For a lender to agree to accept less money that what is owed to them, you must convince the lender that you’re having financial problems, i.e. that you can’t pay the mortgage, and your only other option is a short sale.  Banks have the right to scrutinize your financial statements, and examine your banking records, tax returns, and credit reports.

Why work with us?

The Law Office of Lauren E. Jackson is available to provide you with insight and legal guidance from start to finish in your short sale process.  We work closely with sellers, buyers, and real estate agents as well as banks and title companies to facilitate and finalize the short sale transaction.  You can rest assured we are working for the best possible result for you.

Before signing anything, be sure to contact us! Let us go to work for you.



Our services include:

  • Review your contract
  • Work with your mortgage loan officer
  • Negotiations with other parties
  • Work to avoid a foreclosure
  • Make sure you will not have a deficiency judgment
  • Make sure you are released from personal liability
  • Asset protection
  • Drafting of all necessary documents
  • Review and explain important documents
  • Attend your closing


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