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The Home Sale Process for Sellers

A step-by-step guide of the home selling process

The home selling process is unknown by many but it doesn’t have to be complicated.  We know that when selling your home this might be the most important life decision to make.  We will fight for you to get the highest possible selling price.  Although, every transaction is different, below is the typical home selling process that you can expect to happen:

  1. You sign the real estate contract, accepting an offer from a potential buyer.  Once the contract is signed, you or your real estate agent needs to send us the completed contract as soon as possible.  After we have the contract and reviewed it, we will get in contact with the buyer’s attorney and mortgage lender.
  2. Inspection of property and modification phase
    1. At this point, the buyers will have an inspection of the property.   We will then receive the inspection report and the buyer’s attorneys’ letter proposing what repairs and changes they would like made before purchasing the property
    2. With our help and guidance, you decide how to respond to their requests
    3. We will draft the revised agreement and send it to their attorney
    4. Buyer agrees or negotiates the revised agreement
    5. You complete all agreed repairs before the final walk-through can be scheduled
  3. Loan Approval Phase
    1. We order title and address title issues that turn up
    2. We wait for the Buyer’s lender to issue loan approval
    3. We wait for Buyer’s lender to mark the file “Clear to Close” (This is usually the biggest hold up in the transaction)
    4. We schedule closing time and place with buyer and lender
  4. Pre-Closing Phase
    1. We prepare the Deed, Affidavit of Title, Transfer Tax documents, Bill of Sale, 1099 documents, ALTA statement, FIRPTA documents, Power of Attorney and other closing documents necessary to sell your home
    2. If you don’t want to attend the closing personally, you can schedule a meeting with us to sign documents before the scheduled closing
  5. Closing
    1. We attend the closing and finalize the transaction
    2. Home is Sold


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